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NEWS - 18.1.2018

IFDA, STOMMPY USA exhibiting

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This fall, STOMMPY® is flying overseas! From October 15 to October 17th, STOMMPY USA will be present at the latest IFDA Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.  Solutions, insights, resources and real networking at the next IFDA Conference, to help stakeholders find solutions to everyday distributors' problems. Our local partner Thermal Envelope Solutions LLC and our US team will welcome you at Booth 650. Prevention is better than cure, make the right choice and come to see our solutions!

STOMMPY USA Inc. is taking big steps forward lately. After opening the new office in Chicago, local shows and organisations events are being evaluated for a bottom-up approach and close contact with the customer. IFDA Conference is only the beggining, we will keep you posted with new activities.  

More about what IFDA (International Foodservice Distributors Association) does can be found here:

NEWS - 18.1.2018

What's important: price or quality? Initial investment or long term deal?

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
by Warren Buffett

Our competitors more and more often gives products for free to our customers, new ones, but well-established too. STOMMPY® knows perfectly the value of its products and there's no reason to give away them, what we offer is not only a safety device but a customized service following customer needs. We ask you to distrust who gives you its own products for free, we're not talking about economies of scale, but quality and so costs. 

STOMMPY® to show which is the value of any single component, we offer you certifications of materials and processes from top to bottom. Certifications are not enough for you? So, take a look at our crash test videos realized by a company specialized in mobility safety industry. Here's few: 

NEWS - 18.1.2018

STOMMPY® in a click!

For the purpose of facilitating the approach to our products, STOMMPY® official YouTube channel is being recently updated with several explanatory videos. In this regard, we have realized and published:

  • STOMMPY® Virtual Tour, a virtual trip which in only 3 minutes provides you with different types of environments or business situations having our best STOMMPY® applications popping-up at crucial points;
  • STOMMPY® The Bollard - a video showing a standard facility area with a simulation of our bollard installation procedure. You can see in detail how does FIXA Block System® work, but what is most striking is the final comparative crash between a STOMMPY® Bollard and a common bollard during a regular low-energy or high-energy impact;
  • STOMMPY® The Guardrail - similar to the video of the Bollard, presents the product from installation to final impact test in comparison with a common barrier, in support of our irrefutable philosophy of best possible protection due to STOMMPY®’s FIXA Block System®.
Given the success of these videos, that have persuaded even the most skeptics, we decided to proceed with realization of other similar ones. You should expect our new videos of slabs bumpers and cladding sheets, the URBAN in/outdoor products, and last but not least, the video referring to our technical aces - a video fully dedicated to the extraordinary anchorage of FIXA Block System® and our remarkable high-performing polymer TECKLENE®.  


NEWS - 18.1.2018

Constant Quality Control

Quality Control Procedures of floor anchorage systems   

The importance of strong and efficient floor anchoring of shockproof protection systems is often undermined.

Many producing companies move on and pass the argument with obvious incompetence in the field, unaware of the fact that the consequences of an anchorage system that is not calculated specifically and responsive to the exigencies of the situation may cause significant damages to people and objects.

Having matured years of experience in the research and specific test development in the field, DEMO TEAM knows this argument very well. Thereby, we decided recently to create a new and better-performing system of our anchorage, named as FIXA Block System ®. Within the entirety of our project and production cycle, the process of quality control remains essential part of paramount importance, so that we may be able to guarantee the efficiency and safety of our shockproof protection systems. In order to perform this, we avail ourselves to external certified laboratories that are equipped with the best-of-art machinery and that are able to identify and certify the quality of our materials. Thus, they allow us to opt for the best option in respect of our project standards.  

With the following photographical sequences, we might be able to transfer you the importance of our project and the quality control we tend to persevere.   

This is how our bumper systems react when subjected to a significant impact.  

 (STOMMPY ® The Original Bumper Shockproof bollard)     

 (STOMMPY ® The Original Bumper Shockproof guardrail)  

Our special gratitude (apart from always available DEMO team) goes to the laboratory of Modena Test Centre (Modena Centro Prove) –Department of Metallurgy – for the noted efficiency and professionalism that, for years now, provides to our R&D team.

NEWS - 18.1.2018

PIRELLI TIRE, a we are!

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Pirelli TIre, the unique supplier of F1 High Performances tires, chose STOMMPY® thanks to our expertise in High Performances.
Bollards and guardrails are going to protect equipment and racks of the super secret F1 department, where the professionals are constantly looking for the top design and best performing mix for all the racing cars in the world running on a racing track. 
Technology, passion and design in the heart of Europe!

NEWS - 18.1.2018

STOMMPY® Guardrail - A story of success

Curious to know the story of STOMMPY® Guardrail?

The winner of Design4Safety Award at IMHX 2016 has gone a long way of continuous growth!  
Read more here :

NEWS - 20.1.2018

L’azienda sotto controllo con un "click"

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Un’altra importante fase del processo di modernizzazione ed industrializzazione è stato portato a termine con successo in STOMMPY®, grazie all’introduzione del nuovo sistema gestionale SAP Business One.
Il nuovo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, ovvero pianificazione delle risorse d'impresa), integra tutti i processi di business rilevanti di un'azienda, quali l’area commerciale, acquisti, magazzino, contabilità ecc. ed ha portato sostanziali miglioramenti in tutti i processi di controllo e gestione delle diverse aree aziendali, non solo qualificandone e velocizzandone le analisi ed i tempi decisionali, ma soprattutto contribuendo a radicare in azienda una cultura di maggiore precisione e responsabilità nella raccolta e gestione del dato aziendale e dei processi che la governano.

Con questo importante upgrade, oggi STOMMPY si è allineata ai processi di gestione aziendale più evoluti presenti sul mercato ed in linea al target di elevata qualità della propria clientela.

Clicca sotto per vedere il video che racconta l’esperienza SAP Business One di STOMMPY Srl

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